What we do

Red Medtech Ventures supports Life Science & Health startups. We offer:


Do you want to protect intellectual property? Start a new company? Develop a proof of concept? We can help you with a loan to the maximum amount of 250.000 EUR. On top of that, we have an extensive network of venture capitalists, business angels and private equity and participation companies.

Read more about RedMedtech Discovery Fund in a Q&A document (PDF). 


You can use the network we have in the industry of Life Science & Health. We can introduce you to hospital managers, care insurers, CEO’s or chairmen of the board, opinion leaders, very experienced entrepreneurs in the biotechnology field, medical companies and investors.

Hands-on coaching

Together we can build your business case. We can provide you with the following input: 

  • critical data on your customers and market
  • legal and regulatory risks
  • identification of the clinical application
  • possible investors or money resources.

Where science means business

  • You are starting a company in the industry of Life Science & Health…
  • … in Overijssel, Gelderland or Noord-Brabant…
  • … and you want to increase the chance of a successful market introduction or exit.

We like to get into touch with innovators and entrepreneurs in biotechnology or medical technology


Start a Life Science & Health company?

RedMedTech Ventures will be the front runner for your Life Science & Health start up in Overijssel, Gelderland or Noord-Brabant. We can help you with a successful market introduction or exit.

A reality check for your business case?

We will ask field experts to judge your business plan. We can help you build your business case.

Is my idea feasible?

Together we identify the clinical application. From the first design, you must keep the needs of the patients and the medical users in mind. This can save you a lot of time and money.

Looking for funding?

We can lend you money to a maximum amount of 375.000 EUR. But we can also find you other money resources and introduce you to investors.


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e-magazine Red Medtech Ventures

In de afgelopen vier jaar heeft het programma Red Medtech Ventures grote impact gehad op de ontwikkeling van een aantal veelbelovende innovaties in Life Sciences & Health. Graag stellen we in dit e-magazine vier succesvolle startups aan u voor.